Are you looking for REAL peace? 
The kind of peace that carries you through the darkest night and the fiercest storm?

That peace is only found in Jesus and He is the foundation on which you will not be shaken. Download this 7-day Prayer Journal that also includes six peace-inducing Scriptures so you can begin to tap into a well of peace that will never run dry.  

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Hi, I'm Nicole!

I lost myself chasing fulfillment...
I used to think that in order to be fulfilled, life had to be perfect. That fulfillment came after hitting all your goals, achieving all your dreams, and having it all together. Boy was I wrong.

I was often left feeling inadequate, discouraged, stressed... frazzled! Sound familiar??

What I learned was that God so graciously meets us in the middle of our mess and calls us to find our fulfillment in Him. No matter what season of life you are in, He wants to see you going from frazzled to fulfilled and find joy in the journey, not just the destination!

My mission is to provide you with resources and support so you feel educated and equipped to peacefully embrace the life you have while creating the life you dream of.

Here’s How I Can Support You:

Choose the area you where you are looking for the most fulfillment right now, and let's get started!

Faithfully Fulfilled

Financially Fulfilled

Physically Fulfilled

It all starts right here...
True fulfillment will only be found in Jesus. He is the calm in the chaos and the only One who can truly take you from frazzled to fulfilled. Life will always be messy, but when you cultivate a relationship with Jesus through prayer and reading His Word, He will take that mess and turn it into something beautiful!

*when you sign up I may send occasional emails with additional free content

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