Meal Plan Recipes
Heading into 2022, I knew something needed to change. I was committed to make solid, sustainable changes in three key areas of my life: health, business, and finances. My health journey led me to begin working with a functional medicine doctor, and completely adapt to a new way of eating... Paleo.

This is not a diet... it is a lifestyle change. It is learning to better understand your body to recognize what it needs to feel it's best. Making a change in the area of eating is HARD. My goal with this page is to help make it a little easier for you by sharing some recipes that we have tried... and like!

Obviously tastes and preferences will be different.

 CLICK HERE to visit my full Paleo Pinterest board for more ideas and recipes. I will continue to update that, and the list here as my journey continues.

CLICK HERE to download a handy, printable Paleo food list. I keep this on my fridge and reference it often.

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