Every Penny Counts Workshop - $37

What BIG dream has God placed on your heart?
Chances are if you have a big dream
it is going to require big dollars??
Money makes the world go round, right?
It isn't all about the money...
We are capable of doing great things without it.
But, boy does it allow us to go BIGGER!
Money is a tool
Money is a resource.
Money is a blessing.
It's how you steward the money you have that matters!
Do you hold your money with open hands?
Do you ask God where and how you should be using the money the HE has GIVEN you?
Are you open to allowing Him to lead? It's all HIS anyway!
When money comes your way (like in the form of stimulus checks and tax refund)
are you prepared to steward it wisely?
Are you prepared to give and pour into the areas that He is calling you to?
Preparations starts with planning.
Don't let this opportunity pass you by to put a plan in place!
Because... Every Penny Counts!

Here is a peek at the topics we will cover... 
plus worksheets are included to help you through each step!

Action is the KEY to Success!
To see progress towards your goals and lasting change,
requires discipline, determination, and consistency...
BUT you will reap the rewards!

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