Faith can be tricky sometimes, wouldn't you agree??

The substance of things hoped for...
The evidence of things not seen.

Believing in something you can't see is easier said than done, I get it! 

My faith has been the one thing that has carried me through many ups and downs during my lifetime. Without it, I honestly have no idea where I would be, or how others survive.

For me, it makes no difference what I accomplish on this earth while there is breath in my lungs... if I am not doing all things to the glory of God and pointing people back to Jesus in the process, then it will all have been in vain.

Life is hard. Lots of things try to creep in to steal our joy and leave us feeling hopeless. But... my hope is that God will use this small corner of the web to restore your faith.

YOU are loved by a BIG GOD!

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