Welcome to our Family!

You have found a community committed to health and wellness and to ensuring you have all the tools you need,
right at your fingertips, to be successful in creating the life you want!


My name is Nicole Switala.  I am part of your Young Living leadership and support team.  My GOAL is to do everything in my power to ensure you are reaching your GOALS!
 Maybe I am the one who introduced you to Young Living, or maybe another amazing member of our team reached out to you and brought you here . . . either way, we are family now.  Family supports one another, encourages one another, lifts one another up, and pushes one another to be better.  

~~ If that is a small part of what you are looking for, you are in exactly the right place!

I want to get to know you better, learn about your goals and dreams and find out what made you decide to start on this path to wellness.  Our team is committed to working with you to help you reach your wellness/life goals one step at a time.

The Members Area

As a member of our team, you have exclusive access to our learning portal that is setup to help you succeed. 

Here is a look at what you will find!


You will find some core education in the 7 steps to wellness, and I HIGHLY recommend you do them in order.  They are setup in such a way as to build upon each other.

Here is a peek at the topics we will be covering.  Each lesson includes a short video and a 'class' that you can scroll through at your own pace. Once you finish one lesson it will prompt you to move on to the next.

I am able to view your progress as you make your way through the course.  Reach out to me using the Contact Me button below to let me know you have finished.  I will have a special gift for you after you have completed all the lessons! =)

Once you finish these core classes, move our to our Learning Library to discover even more on a wide variety of topics. New content will be added here each month!
7 Steps to Whole Body Wellness
1.  Learn How to Use Your Oils
2.  Ditch & Switch
3.  Drink the Juice!
4.  Get Savvy
5.  Feel all the Feels
6.  Practice Self-Care
7.  Help Others


Once you have completed each lesson, you will have the opportunity to receive a customized wellness plan tailored to your individual needs and wants.  

You fill it out, I will review it, then we will, together, work on a plan of action for accomplishing whatever goals you have.


Here you will find links to various Facebook communities and websites where you can continue your learning.

There is also a list of some popular 'faces' of Young Living with links for how you can follow them and learn from all the knowledge and value they provide.


Our discussion rooms will be the perfect place to connect with each other! You can come here to post questions, share recipes, give your oils testimonies (and learn from those of others), or just share something you have learned with the community.


Check back monthly to stay in the know! You will find a monthly newsletter (also delivered to your inbox), along with a schedule of classes and upcoming events for the month.

I want to make sure you have no shortage of opportunity to learn... but you know what they say... you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink. If you want to learn and grow, you will need to take it upon yourself to drink up! So each month I'll be adding one or two new classes or resources to our ever-growing library!

I can give you the tools . . . you must do the work!


Don't be upset with the results you didn't get from the work you didn't do.

Amanda Smith
I know that may seem a little harsh, but it's the truth.  This journey you are on is simple, but it's not easy.  You get to decide how much effort you are willing to put in to get yourself to where you want to be.  We are here to help, encourage, and support you with each step . . . but we cannot do the work for you.

Let's turn those WISHES into GOALS, and put a PLAN together to help you ACHIEVE them!

Are you ready to get started?!?!

Let's do it!   

If you have any questions, feel free to use the button below at anytime to reach out to me, 
or get in touch with your enroller.

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