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You are not alone in your struggles, but here is HOPE!

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See when you start digging into your life and uncover things that need dealt with you will find yourself battling obstacles and getting uncomfortable. Press On! Satan wants nothing more than to see you quit. Don’t allow him the pleasure. 

You have a choice to be joyful in the face of victory.
You have a choice to be joyful in the face of defeat.

Your joy should never be dependent on your circumstances.
But how often do you find that it is? Me too, friend...


If you have been holding on to a big dream for a long time,
if you have been working towards a goal for years,
if you have been praying about a specific need for what seems like forever,
the waiting can be really hard... really hard.

God is always faithful to remind me through various means that even in the waiting He is still working. 

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