Time heals all wounds... or does it?

They say time heals all wounds.

Time deepens.
Time buries.
Time infects.

Unless you are intentional with healing, time by itself does nothing but allow time for more wounds.

When you have been hurt...
When you have experienced trauma...
If all you give it is 'time',
you will find yourself years down the road with
deeper hurt and more trauma.

Wounds heal with intentionality.

When you are wounded, you need to clean the wound,
disinfect the wound, and sometimes open the wound
even more to find the dirt hidden in there

You need to consistently care for the wound, not pretend it's not there.
You need to change the bandages, apply the healing balm (and essential oils 😉), 
and sometimes rip off the scab.


Oh man... the scab. That's where it gets rough.
You think you're good. You think you're healing.
It's feeling better, looking better on the outside.

The scab is irritating.
It's itchy.
It's uncomfortable.

Off it comes... and then you start to bleed again.
You feel the pain all over again.
You start the process all over again.

You need to heal properly.

If you don't you will always be left with just
another scab.

So if you have been wounded, yes give it time.
But don't let time pass you by.
You can heal if you put in the work
and do it intentionally.

I think we will talk about scars another day.


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