Well.... hello there!

Hey Friend,

Gosh, it's been a hot minute since I've written one of these.

Things have been pivoting and shifting over here like crazy,
so I thought I'd give you a little peek into what I've been up to...

Frazzled to Fulfilled Financial Coaching was born in January. :)


This desire was placed on my heart back in October of 2019
when I started a very personal journey to get my finances in order.

Money is not often talked about, and when done so, is often done 
in a negative light. You almost feel greedy or selfish or dirty if you 
are talking about money, and really looking for ways to acquire more.
Not acquire more in a selfish way, but in order to better your 
financial future and to learn how to become a better steward
of the money that God has blessed you with. Ultimately, it all belongs
to HIM!

I am trying to break that stigma and normalize money talk!

See for 20 years I didn't talk about it...
I didn't acknowledge the mess I was in...
I didn't seek help to get my finances in order.

I was guilt-ridden, ashamed, and hopeless.

But there is always HOPE!

So I decided to open up, to share about my mess,
and in doing so I have watched it transform into my MISSION.

My mission to bring back hope!


In the last 17 months, I have:
  • Established a solid working budget
  • Started an emergency savings fund
  • Paid for my first Christmas completely in cash
  • Got certified as a Financial Coach
  • Rebuilt my website
  • Paid off almost $20,000 in debt
  • No longer feel hopeless!
I am so excited to see what God has in store for me next!
I know that it was necessary for me to go through what I have
in order for me to be able to help YOU as you walk it, too!

That's really what this thing called life is all about, isn't it?
We are called to use our experiences, our struggles, our trails,
as learning opportunities, so that we can in turn be a help,
comfort and blessing to others walking a similar road.

I would love to expand this blog in the future, and not only continue 
to share encouragement and hope, but also real and practical tips 
that will be valuable to you as you journey towards financial freedom.


If you find yourself in a financially hopeless situation right now,
I encourage to you speak up, reach out and find help.

I know that nothing good comes out of staying silent.
It is a dark place.

But when you open up and let the light shine in,
the darkness loses it's power.

I am hosting a Free Workshop called Every Penny Counts
on Monday, March 22nd.

It may well be just what you need to get a spark of hope!

You can learn more about it HERE.

Feel free to explore the new website, and let me know what you think!

As always...