Do you plan to fail?

Most people would for sure answer 'no' to this question. 
No one wants to fail. 
But how many people actually get it right every single time. No one.

Maybe it's time for a little perspective shift on failure.

Failure opens up a world of opportunity!

It is only through failure that we...
  • learn to think outside the box
  • realize what we are capable of
  • open ourself up to new possibilities
There is a saying I hear often that you either fail to plan or plan to fail. But why can't it be both?

Planning is great. I am a planner. But even with the best laid plans, something can always go wrong. So what if we allow for failure in our plans?

I have a lot of questions for you today to get you thinking... how often do you consult the Lord in your planning? Do you make your plans and ask Him to bless them? Or do you come to Him first to ask what the plan should be?

When you partner with God in the planning, there will still be times you fail. But it is through those problems and failures that you learn to rely on Him. He proves that His Strength is made perfect in your weakness. These are the moments your faith is strengthened and your roots grow a little deeper.

Each failure is then followed by a growth spurt.

So get up, dust yourself off and keep going. That failure may actually be the key to your success... embrace it!


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