Were you born blind?

Were you born blind?

Chances are if you are reading this, you probably weren't born blind... but I bet it's safe to assume that you have found yourself presented with a situation or two in your life where you have asked the very common, one-word question, "Why?"

There's a story in the Bible about a man that was born blind. I am sure there were many times in his life when he questioned the why. 

The disciples also asked Jesus why this man was born blind. Their reasoning was very interesting. They thought it was simply for one of two reasons - either he sinned or his parents sinned.

I love Jesus' answer. "It was not because of his sins or his parents' sins... this happened so the power of God could be seen in him."

When we are faced with hard situations, situations that we just don't understand and there seems to be no good reason for, it is so easy to let Satan plant those seeds that we are being punished for something. I don't believe that is how God works.

God had a very special purpose for this man's life. He wanted to use him in a very powerful way.

But in order for that purpose to be realized, he had to endure years of darkness. Do you think in the end he felt it was worth it?

He had to be blind in order to truly be able to see. 
He got to experience firsthand the miracle-working power of Jesus.

Don't think for one minute that God can't reach into your darkness and shine His light.
Don't stop believing for your miracle.

The situation you find yourself in right now may be exactly where God needs you to be before He can rock your world. Will it be worth it?

Until next time, friend... blessings!

Even in the waiting, He's still working...

Even in the waiting, He's still working...

Hey Friend,

Would you consider yourself a patient person?
Do you like to wait for things?

For me, that's a BIG NO!! 

If you have been holding on to a big dream for a long time,
if you have been working towards a goal for years,
if you have been praying about a specific need for what seems like forever,
the waiting can be really hard... really hard.

That's where part of that persistence comes in that we talked about last week... 
Staying the course.
Pushing forward.
One foot in front of the other.

God is always faithful to remind me through various means that even in the waiting He is still working. 

“Throughout scripture, there’s not a man or woman that God used in a powerful way who didn’t first face a long and difficult time of waiting.”


"So what do I do while I'm waiting?"

Well.... I'm glad you asked. :) Here are my thoughts...

1.  Be Grateful - yes, as my friend Anna says, "Even in this you are blessed." Even in the waiting you are blessed. Grab a journal and purpose to write down 1-3 things every day that you are grateful for and allow those to be your focus.

2. Continue to Trust - even though God is not working things out as fast as you may like, He hasn't went anywhere. He still sees, hears, and knows all. Do not let your trust in His plan and purpose for your life waver in the waiting.

3. Lean In - the devil wants nothing more than for your season of waiting to cause a separation. He will begin to plant seeds of doubt and do everything in his power to steal your peace. Now is the time to press hard into Jesus, my friend.

4. Serve - shift the focus off of yourself and look outward. Who can you serve while you are waiting? God may purposely have you in this season as a way of slowing you down long enough so that you can be available to meet someone else's need.

5. Be Watchful and Hope - fill yourself with anxious expectation of what God is doing on your behalf, even if you aren't seeing it yet. There is a beautiful song by Danny Gokey called, "Haven't Seen It Yet." Find it on YouTube or Google and give a listen. Don't be so caught up in the way you think things should turn out, that you miss the blessings He is dropping all around you.

None of these things come easy friend, they require intention and perseverance. But stay the course. I promise, God isn't finished yet.

Until next time... Blessings!


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