Scale back the goal, or scale up the effort...

Scale back the goal, or scale up the effort...

Maybe you can help me figure this one out, friend... I told you from the beginning this was going to be a learning process, and that we would be learning together.

Time... one of the most precious resources that we have been given.

I know that I tend to be a waster of time.
I know that I don't always utilize my time wisely.
I know that I need to become a better steward of it.

(Yikes, that is kinda hard to type out loud.)

What about you?
Are you good about managing your time?


So here's the deal... I am an early to bed, early to rise kinda girl.
I am most productive in the mornings, but I also like to sleep (so the struggle is real).

My alarm goes off at 4:15 am...
then again at 4:25...
then again at 4:35...
then again at 4:45...

See where I'm going with this? The snooze button is my friend, and by the time I get up, lately around 5:00ish, I feel like I have already wasted almost an hour of my day.

So herein lies my dilemma... scale back the goal or scale up the effort?

When you set a goal for yourself that you continually DON'T reach, how does that make you feel?
  • Discouraged
  • Frustrated
  • Angry
  • Ready to throw in the towel
Yeah, me too... it becomes harder and harder to work toward that goal when you have it in your head that you won't reach it anyway, doesn't it?

The flip side of that is if you decide to modify the goal, you then feel lazy, like a failure... and by 'you' I mean me, but also maybe you.

No one ever said being a good steward over all these seeds would be easy...

In my mulling this over trying to come up with a good solution, two words came to my mind... (I also told you I like using those three dots, a lot... maybe it will be my trademark, my signature style... I am getting off topic...)

Two words came to my mind... GRIT & GRACE.

You don't quit on a goal just because it's hard. Sometimes you need to grit your teeth, dig in your heels, gristle up, and just do the dang thing... just get out of bed when the stinkin' alarm goes off! Grit...

But sometimes you may need to take a step back, evaluate the plans you have, figure out what makes sense for you. Does that 45-60 minutes that I allow myself to get all bent out of shape over because I spent it in bed, really effect the entire course of my day? Is it worth it to continue to set a goal for myself that I am continually not reaching, just so I can say I didn't quit? Grace...

And guess what... there is no right or wrong!
You get to be the judge and jury. 
You get to decide what fits you best.
And you also get to change your mind.

This may seem rather trivial to you, but you can apply these same principles (those two words) to whatever it is in your life that you are trying to accomplish.

For me, today... I think I am going to choose grace. 
Tomorrow maybe I'll set the alarm for 4:45. 
Maybe I won't set the alarm at all... 
No, I definitely won't do that. :) 

But friend, if you find yourself always frustrated because you feel like you are never able to hit the mark you've set for yourself... I am giving you permission today to move the mark.

Until next time... Blessings!

BONUS: I may have unleashed the beast...

BONUS: I may have unleashed the beast...

Hey Friend,

Two posts in one week... something that probably won't happen very often...

But I have to tell you... 
Wednesday's post stirred something up inside.
It uncovered a deep passion that has been hidden for quite sometime.
Then I got this new book that tied it all together.
You could even say it hit a nerve.


Do you have any idea just how crazy, flippin', amazing your body was created to function?

God, the Master and Creator of the entire universe, created YOU with a flawless design.
He knit your body together in such a way that everything works in harmony.

Or it's supposed to... 

Why aren't more people talking about this?
Why aren't we more focused on leaning into our bodies
and equipping them to function the way they were created to?

Enter man.

Man and his desire for power.
Man and his desire for authority.
Man and his desire for fame.
Man and his desire for wealth.

Ya see, friend... man cannot profit off of God's patent.

Man has conditioned us to believe that in this day and age...
  • lethargy is normal
  • sleep trouble is normal
  • chronic inflammation is normal
  • skin issues are normal
  • stress is normal
  • inability to focus is normal
  • even cancer is normal

You know what all that is?
It's the result of the chemical cocktail that you feed your body every morning 
before you even step foot out the door and you are none the wiser.

I challenge you to grab every product that you use as part of your morning routine - toothpaste, 
body wash, shampoo/conditioner, lotion, makeup, hair spray, perfume/cologne - 

This is something that you must take seriously if you truly want to be well.

Man has then went on to create 'quick fixes' for all those above issues, 
and we then get caught in the viscous cycle... 
'use this to fix this and in turn it creates this issue' kinda thing, and it then starts all over.

If the 'powers that be' were to really start talking about...
**endocrine-disrupting chemicals
**natural hormone balance
**nutrition (gasp!)
...they would stand to lose millions.

People would be taking back control of their wellness.
People would be understanding how their bodies work.
People would be more aware of how harmful most man-made products are,
and they would be making better choices.

And man would lose.

Are all man-made products bad? Well, of course not!
There are still amazing companies out there that are sourcing high-quality ingredients,
and that care more about their consumers than their bottle line.
(I know this to be true because I've found one.)

You have to look for them.

While the world talks about embracing a 'new normal', let's beat them at their own game.
Let's start talking about what normal really should look like.
Let's start educating the masses about how the body works.
Let's start equipping people with the tools they need to take back control.


I think you will see a shift of topics here on the blog in the near future.

Passion. Knowledge. Platform.

You arm a green/yellow personality type (i.e. needs to know all the things and then tell all the people) 
with those three things... and you have just unleashed a beast.

So that being said, I want you to know that you are welcome to stay and you are welcome to go.
Each blog post lives on my website, and also gets emailed to those on my mailing list.

If you are reading this via email, and you don't wish to hear from me anymore, I won't be offended.
You will find an Unsubscribe button at the bottom.

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use THIS LINK to get on my mailing list.


I'm not exactly sure where this is going to lead, or what changes you may see in the future...
but hang on, it could be a wild ride, and the more the merrier!! :)

Until next time...

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Don't let your routine become routine...

Don't let your routine become routine...
When you bring God into your daily routines, every part of it can be used to glorify Him. Your everyday, seemingly mundane tasks can become special moments. 

Let's get down and dirty...

Let's get down and dirty...

I am so glad that you decided to stick around!

Last week I promised you an awesome freebie, and I know you won't be disappointed! 


While I am not an avid gardener, I do enjoy getting my hands dirty every once in a while. :)

There is something so symbolic about gardening, and I seem to draw so many analogies from the entire process. 

Talk about stewardship, right?!? You have been entrusted with this teeny, tiny, little seed... that is LOADED with potential! Your job is to keep it from dying. No pressure!

Not only that, but as it grows, how you choose to nurture and tend to it will have a direct result on your harvest. 
  1. You can't water it just once a week and expect it to stay hydrated.
  2. You can't feed it nasty fertilizer filled with harmful chemicals and expect it to be wholesome.
  3. You can't tend it a couple times a month and expect it to not get choked out by weeds.
You see, there is more to just keeping it from dying if you want it to actually thrive! 

Are you thriving in life? If your answer is no, ask yourself why. 
Are you being a good steward over your seeds?

I'm going to give you some time to draw your own analogies and maybe ask yourself some tough questions. How do those three points above directly relate to the garden of your life?

You are the seed; if you aren't growing, why? 

Oh friend, we have so much to dig into over the coming weeks and months!


Now, let's chat actual gardening with actual seeds that produce amazing goodness!

Have you ever considered using essential oils in your gardening practices as a safer way of helping your seeds to thrive? 

Things like weeds, pests, and bad harvests show up in every garden, every year. But I have your ticket to tackling even the hardest of seasons. I want to give you some tricks and recipes to keep up your sleeve that will help you succeed from the day the seed goes in the ground ‘til the day you harvest it.

Using essential oils in the gardening process will help you garden in a way that results in fruits and veggies that have been lovingly cared for in the most organic way. You can even achieve that affordably, sustainably, and without the use of harsh chemicals, friend!

To help you get started, I have this FABULOUS 11-page Gardening Journal that I would like to give you for FREE!

You can print the pages you need, and file the rest away for later. Use this over and over again each year as you plan out those tasks that will be profitable, make your list and check it twice, and utilize the safe, effective recipes provided.

You can CLAIM YOUR FREEBIE HERE and it will be delivered right to your inbox! PLUS, I will include the link for my FREE Gardening + Oils Masterclass that will give you insider tips to make your gardening experience pleasant and fruitful. If you are curious about non-harmful ways to keep your pets out of the garden, keep unwanted growers at bay, and how to attract more pollinators to promote plant reproduction, then this is for you!

Once you snag your journal, I would love for you to come right back here and drop a comment below letting me know how you plan to use it. Let's chat it up, and learn from each other as we go!

Until next time... Blessings!

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Hop over to my FREE Facebook Community where we dig deeper into each week's blog post...

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Where there is BREATH there is LIFE...

Where there is BREATH there is LIFE...
That’s where I found myself this morning so as I was on my knees getting my hands dirty, God was using this to teach me a lesson. I pray you find some value in it as well.

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