Is it enough???

How often do you feel like it's just not enough?

Not enough money...
Not enough food...
Not enough time...
Not enough desire...
Not enough effort...
Not enough _____.

I feel you, friend.

Most days I find myself feeling like it's not enough either. 

But then I am reminded of what God can do with my 'not enough'. 

Are you familiar with the story of the five loaves and two fish?

One of the places you can find it in the Bible is in John chapter 6. 
You can also listen to my overview and commentary below. :) 

It's less than 10 minutes and but I think it will get you to thinking!

Five loaves and two fish to feed 5,000 people??
Yeah... um... that's not enough.
Or was it?

You probably already know that it was... but how?

Because when you willingly give God the 'little' that you have,
He will multiply it every. single. time.

Instead of holding on to what you think you can't afford to give up...
give it all to Jesus.

Friend, this ain't just about money or material possessions either. 

I would rather Jesus speak to you today than me. 
He will be able to reveal things to you that I can't.
Grab your Bible and read the passage for yourself.

Ask God what He would have you take and apply.
Ask Him to show you areas in your life that you may be holding on 
to something that He is asking you to give up.

You can trust Him with it, friend.
He never takes without giving back.

Until next time... Blessings!


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