Success looks different in 2022!

It's that time of year again... the time when everyone starts setting those goals and making those resolutions.

Let me ask you a couple questions, and be honest..

Do you remember what goals you set last year?
Did you hit February and feel like a failure?
Do you find yourself setting the same goals year after year?

The answers may sting a little bit, right...

How can 2022 be different?
How can you set yourself up for success?  
       Not an overnight, quick-win type of success, but real, sustainable, long-term success?


Stop living in the gap, and start living in the gain!


Let me explain... I am fresh off an amazing 3-day event and this concept was one of my 'aha moments'.

When we set goals for ourselves, the realization of those goals lives in the future. The bigger the goal, the farther away they feel. The distance between where we are right now, and how far away the goal is that we want to achieve is called 'The Gap'.

When all we focus on is the gap, and how far out of reach that goal feels, we begin to feel defeated and discouraged. We never think we are moving fast enough, and we feel like we will never reach the goal. All the negative self-talk begins to dance through our brain. We start to feel less than, not equipped, worthless... and we abandon the goal.


Goals are good, don't get me wrong, but what if we spent more time focusing on how far we've ALREADY come instead... what if we gave more of our attention to 'The Gain' instead of 'The Gap'.

The gain is reflection, hope, encouragement, a realization of all that you have already overcome and accomplished. It brings with it a sense of pride, accomplishment, and fulfillment. It inspires feelings of, "Yes, I CAN do this!"

Doesn't it sound much more peaceful to live in 'The Gain'?

This isn't something that comes naturally. The horizon, the goal, is always moving and it's easy to get frustrated with what we begin to perceive as lack of progress. 

  • What if instead of measuring our success by how fast we actually reach the goal, we started measuring it by how consistent and intentional we were at taking the steps that move us forward?
  • What if success comes from each step of the journey, and not actually in crossing the finish line?
  • What if we stop comparing our journey to someone else's and only race against ourselves?
Friend, this changes everything!

"One of the fastest ways to suck all the joy out of the journey is to be in a hurry to see your results." ~K. Boss

So, how can success look different for you in 2022?

Happy New Year, Friend! Cheers to living in the GAIN and not in the GAP this year!! :)


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