Do you see the warning signs...

You are in your car, heading out on a road trip to a great destination... one that you have dreamed about and planned for your whole life. You just get started on your journey and you get a warning light on your dashboard that your oil pressure is low. What? You just changed the oil... last year. You'll grab a quart at your next stop.

About another hour into the trip, another warning light... low tire pressure. Eh, it just came on so that means you can probably still travel quite a distance before it goes completely flat... you'll put air in that tire later.

About another hour into the trip, another warning light... check engine. Woah, ok, that one could be serious, but everything seems to be running fine... you'll make an appointment with the garage when you get back home.

Just when you think that dashboard is out of lights, one more lights up... low fuel. Ok, you say, I'll fill up at the next gas station. But in the mean time, your window is getting so dirty that you can barely see, because, oh yeah... you ran out of washer fluid, too. You are starting to feel some bumps as you continue to roll along on that flat tire. Then, you start to hear a knocking sound coming from under the hood that you didn't hear 20 minutes ago. The gas station is in sight, but now you are sitting lifeless on the side of the road because you literally cannot go another mile. You're car is dead. You ignored the warning lights.


Your body is your car. Your body is the vehicle that you have been given that will take you through this life, getting you from one destination to the other.

Do you pay attention to the warning lights?

Headaches... not normal.
Constipation... not normal.
Muscle aches... not normal.
Fatigue... not normal.
Anxiety... not normal.

These are your warning lights. How long will you stare at them before you take action?

Don't wait until it's to late, until you are dead on the side of the road...
Don't limp from destination to destination on a flat tire and a burnt out engine...

Pay attention to what your body is telling you.
Give it the support it needs to dim those warning lights,
but when they do go off don't ignore them.

Now more than ever, we need to be taking back control of our health.
There are things you can do today, right now, to make an impact.

Start small.

~Skip the drive thru.
~Park at the back of the lot.
~Trade one product in your home for something better.
~Wake up 15 minutes earlier and stretch your body.
~Turn on a podcast instead of the TV.
~Read a book instead of scroll FB.
~Add one supplement into your diet.

By themselves these things may seem small. 
But it is the small steps that you take EACH DAY that will lead to a total transformation.

Your body will wake up.
It will feel alive.
It will start to function the way it was created to.

There will be less warning lights on your dashboard and less visits to the garage.


I will leave you with two random facts today... well, just because I can:

#1 - When you eat sugar it directly competes with vitamin C and as a result less vitamin C enters into your white blood cells. This results in your WBCs losing their ability to 'fight' for up to five hours; hence, compromising and weakening your immune system.

#2 - I spent less than 10 minutes this week making two gallons of my own safe laundry detergent for less than $.15 per load and it will last me up to three months.If you want proof, HERE you go. :) It is possible to 'go green' and 'save green' at the same time. Sickness costs way more than health in the long run. 


If you aren't sure where to start, let me help you. This is what I do. This is what I LOVE to do! I am not perfect, and my journey has not been easy, but I started with some of these small changes about six years ago, and I have not looked back.

Do I still make poor choices? Sometimes, and you will too. 
Do the good choices outweigh the bad? Yes, more times than not. ;)

The consistency in that is what makes all the difference.


What warning signs have you been ignoring for far to long?
Are you ready to do something about them??

Let's work together to come up with some simple steps you can start to implement TODAY to make sure you reach each and every destination on your journey through this life!

Let's do this... reply to this email, or find me over on Facebook! Our new group opens TODAY, and if you are ready to do a better job at guarding the gate of your home, body, and mind... then you will want to be in there. We will be starting slow, taking those small steps, to learn and grow together. So get yo'self over there! Here is the direct LINK.


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