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While I am not an avid gardener, I do enjoy getting my hands dirty every once in a while. :)

There is something so symbolic about gardening, and I seem to draw so many analogies from the entire process. 

Talk about stewardship, right?!? You have been entrusted with this teeny, tiny, little seed... that is LOADED with potential! Your job is to keep it from dying. No pressure!

Not only that, but as it grows, how you choose to nurture and tend to it will have a direct result on your harvest. 
  1. You can't water it just once a week and expect it to stay hydrated.
  2. You can't feed it nasty fertilizer filled with harmful chemicals and expect it to be wholesome.
  3. You can't tend it a couple times a month and expect it to not get choked out by weeds.
You see, there is more to just keeping it from dying if you want it to actually thrive! 

Are you thriving in life? If your answer is no, ask yourself why. 
Are you being a good steward over your seeds?

I'm going to give you some time to draw your own analogies and maybe ask yourself some tough questions. How do those three points above directly relate to the garden of your life?

You are the seed; if you aren't growing, why? 

Oh friend, we have so much to dig into over the coming weeks and months!


Now, let's chat actual gardening with actual seeds that produce amazing goodness!

Have you ever considered using essential oils in your gardening practices as a safer way of helping your seeds to thrive? 

Things like weeds, pests, and bad harvests show up in every garden, every year. But I have your ticket to tackling even the hardest of seasons. I want to give you some tricks and recipes to keep up your sleeve that will help you succeed from the day the seed goes in the ground ‘til the day you harvest it.

Using essential oils in the gardening process will help you garden in a way that results in fruits and veggies that have been lovingly cared for in the most organic way. You can even achieve that affordably, sustainably, and without the use of harsh chemicals, friend!

To help you get started, I have this FABULOUS 11-page Gardening Journal that I would like to give you for FREE!

You can print the pages you need, and file the rest away for later. Use this over and over again each year as you plan out those tasks that will be profitable, make your list and check it twice, and utilize the safe, effective recipes provided.

You can CLAIM YOUR FREEBIE HERE and it will be delivered right to your inbox! PLUS, I will include the link for my FREE Gardening + Oils Masterclass that will give you insider tips to make your gardening experience pleasant and fruitful. If you are curious about non-harmful ways to keep your pets out of the garden, keep unwanted growers at bay, and how to attract more pollinators to promote plant reproduction, then this is for you!

Once you snag your journal, I would love for you to come right back here and drop a comment below letting me know how you plan to use it. Let's chat it up, and learn from each other as we go!

Until next time... Blessings!

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